Blanks for Hand Dyeing

Two pre-knitted sock or hat blanks (100 gm) with row markings to facilitate stripe matching on a pair of socks. Available in  either sport weight merino wool or superwash wool/nylon.

Weavers and lace knitters will delight in the  bombyx silk blanks available in two yarn sizes:   or 20/2 silk (715 yds). Other yarn blanks available upon request.
machine knitted blanks

Choices avaiable:

Undyed Yarn

Price listed is per pound.

3/9 Merino wool - 1600 ypp
3/9 Merino $35/pound
Superwash wool/nylon (75/25) - 1984 ypp
Wool/Nylon $30/pound
Sportweight superwash merino
Sport Superwash $37/pound

Fingering weight superwash merino

Fingering Weight Merino $35/pound

12/2 Bobyx silk - 3000 ypp

12/2 Bobyx silk

20/2 Bombyx silk - 5000 ypp

20/2 Bobyx silk

50 Ways to Love Your Knitter

Called 'the Bible' of edges and trims, a must-have for every machine knitter! A collection of bands, edges, trims, starts and finishes for all Japanese machines. 29 single bed and 21 double bed treatments and lots of techniques! $27.95

Band Practice

Mary Anne's latest book of trims, edges, starts, finishes, bands and techniques for all gauges of knitting machines. Written in workbook style, with excellent, close-up photos and detailed instructions. 40 single bed techniques and 10 double bed things, great trims to use in place of crocheted edges. Beginner to advanced, 32 pages. $27.95

Knitting on the Edge

This compilation of 26 single bed and 24 double bed bands, edges, trims starts and finishes has been put together in a workbook style presentation. The majority of trims in this collection can be used in virtually any yarn and on any gauge machine. $27.95

Tricks of the Trade

Mary Anne Oger understands things about knitting machines that the rest of us can only dream of. Luckily, she shares her knowledge with another wonderful book. Tricks of the Trade tells you all the things the instruction manual doesn't tell you: what, why, when and how. Step-by -step instructions for all machine knitters, single and double bed techniques; the settings for the different brands; beginner to advanced. 32 pages, black & white. $27.95