Design-A-Knit 8, commonly referred to as DAK 8, is an integrated garment shaping and stitch pattern design program for machine and hand knitting. DAK 8 allows machine knitters to control the movement of every needle on the bed to create personalized stitch patterns, rather than work within the limits of a 24-stitch punch card system or hand manipulating needles. Designing garment shapes is a breeze with built in standardized shapes or original pattern drafting. Once you've created a shape and stitch pattern, DAK 8 will let you integrate the two so that stitch pattern placement is exactly where you want it to be on your garment pieces.

Choose from DAK 8 Standard, Professional or the new Handknit option. Or you can mix and match those options that you need, e.g. Professional Machine and Handknit.

If you have an earlier version of DAK, upgrades are available at a lower price. Contact us at 510-559-9473 for details.

Why order from Machine Knitting to Dye For? We will offer a free lesson with each purchase or upgrade. Feel free to call 510-559-9473 if you have any questions about DAK 8 or the ordering process.

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DesignaKnit 8 - New Features throughout

Compatible with 32 and 64 bit Windows

  • Extended thumbnail viewer
  • 20 levels of undo
  • Printout improvements
  • Manage tensions more easily

Standard Garment Styling

  • Apply changes before closing the window
  • Moveable horizontal and vertical rulers

Original Pattern Drafting

  • New exact stitch layout mode
  • Display a stitch pattern on the active garment piece
  • Select and drag not just one but groups of coordinate points
  • Improved mirrors, rulers and grids and the knit direction indicator

Stitch Designer

  • Truetype "KnitWriteDK" font
  • Symbols Text Editor
  • New symbols allocated to mouse button
  • Cable organizer - 60 to 168 cables to choose from or design your own
  • In fabric texture improvements including seeing cables cross and join
  • Transparency indicator - Needle selection indicator - Alert indicator
  • 221 hand and machine knit symbols
  • Movable rulers

Interactive Knitting

  • Hand Knit and complete product levels
  • There is an additional window in the interactive knit screen that displays hand knitting instructions
  • New options for shape only knitting
  • Controlling the starting side of fabric

Graphic Studio

  • Larger images can be converted into stitch patterns
  • More image formats are now supported (wmf, tga, pbm ppn, pgm, jpg, tif, gif, pcx, bmp)
  • Pixel perfect conversioins
  • New rotate image can correct tilted images

System Requirements

Windows 98 SE or later
USB port
Screen size at least 800x600 pixels
Approximately 500 Mb hard disk space (with tutorials and manuals - 90 Mb without)